Property Express Realtors, Inc. in conjunction with Property Express Lender’s, Inc.,our in-house Mortgage Company offers you, the client, a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to satisfying the highest of our client’s demands. We provide professional service and years of experience to back up all transactions which lead to positive results!!!

If you are searching for a full service Real Estate Company to help you with the purchase or the sale of a home, the most important element you should be looking for is that of a team of seasoned professionals; dedicated agents with many years of experience and the knowledge of not only the Real Estate industry but also the Mortgage industry. A team who understands when a Buyer has the financial capacity and credit qualifications from a Lender’s view point and can determine at once, if a Real Estate transaction has the capability to end up on the closing table.

Another factor to consider is that we specialize in sales, purchase, leasing and Mortgage lending. Our team possesses experience, integrity and innovation, which have all contributed to our unquestionable and outstanding reputation in the real estate market throughout the state of Florida.

With all the marketing technological advancements our company possesses and all of these other elements such as the years of experience, the profound knowledge of the Real Estate & Mortgage industry, integrity and innovation in place, we offer the best possible service with the sole objective of meeting all the requirements our clients in today’s market.

We also provide the most competitive mortgage loans in the industry from A to Z! We offer all types of programs to fit every borrower’s needs and the most excellent service for our community.

By contacting us, you will obtain the opportunity to see for yourself the highest level of professionalism and attention, which would allow you to put your trust in us in order for our company to represent you throughout the entire transaction process.

We also offer you the opportunity of obtaining our Property value assistance with no obligation, which will allow you to the knowledge of how much your home is worth in today’s market place. This will then lead to your being able to correctly price your home for a quick and successful sale thereby obtaining the results you and your family desire.

Remember, it does not matter the type of property that you possess or are looking for, we offer our services with the objective of guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Let us help you today!

Let us help you with the sale or purchase of a home and you can be assured your interests will be protected throughout the entire process. Please feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions you may have at any time